Dangerous Remedy by Kat Dunn (Dangerous Remedy, #1)

Dangerous Remedy is one of my most anticipated releases of the first half of 2020 so was thrilled to be granted a Netgalley ARC of this one. I picked it up after finishing Lab Partners (the trashiest of trash books) so needed something to enjoy and this was not a let down.

Camille is the daughter of a revolutionary and the leader of the Battalion des Mortes, a rag tag group of individuals who refuse to choose a side in during the French Revolution. Instead, for the right price, they engage in prison breaks for the many, many people who are incarcerated and sentenced to death by guillotine.

Their most recent mission leads them to a girl, Olympe who is bound in a body suit and with a metal mask covering her face. She’s supposedly the daughter of an aristocrat but when they meet they realise she is so much more. She may hold the key to restoring the monarchy or keeping them gone forever. It’s not long before the battalion realise they’re in the middle of a secret war between Royalists and Revolutionaries and that sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option.

This book had one of the most impressive and action filled starts to any book I’ve ever read. You’re thrown right into the deep end of one of the gang’s missions and from the dual perspective narrative you get to see how the mission plays out in its whole. I was immediately drawn in by the crazy action and the beautiful, rich writing which carried on throughout the book.

Kat Dunn creates such a vivid and well research re-imagining of Revolutionary France which taught me so much about French history (who would have thought that something called The Cult of the Supreme Being was an actual thing? – It was!). It takes a skillful author to keep history accurate while still creating an original story, especially when fantasy is involved.

Speaking of fantasy aspect I was left torn by how much I enjoyed it. It was all contained within Olympe and as we didn’t get her perspective I don’t think we were able to have it fully fleshed out. Yes, it was refreshing that the ‘special character’ wasn’t the main focus of the story but I was left hungry for more.

The cast were pretty diverse with a (own voices) bisexual character, a lesbian and gay man among the main cast. Then on top of that was a bisexual love triangle which is actually done well and didn’t seem forced at all. Though for some reason I wasn’t able to bond fully with any of the characters and the two points of view given were not distinct enough from each other.

Where the beginning was super fast paced it kind of began to fall flat by the end. The story really slowed down and lots of filler began to appear. The big reveals didn’t shock me as I assume was intended and then the story literally just ended. There was good set up for a sequel but I don’t think I was quite done with this book yet. I am keen to pick up the second book in the series when it surfaces but that’s going to be next year at least!

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