2019: Top 5 Middle Grade Books

2019 was sadly the year I fell out of love with middle grade fiction. For most of the year I struggled to get into anything that wasn’t adult or YA, neglecting the age age group (which made my recommending of new books at work a bit more difficult than previous years). The books on thisContinue reading “2019: Top 5 Middle Grade Books”

2019: Top 5 LGBTQ+ Books

Hello friends and welcome to my first wrap up of 2019. I had to start with favourite kind of book ever – the queer stuff (*rainbows and fireworks now*). This was probably the most difficult list to make because I read so many amazing books featuring LGBTQ+ beings (humans and/or otherwise) so if a bookContinue reading “2019: Top 5 LGBTQ+ Books”

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